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How to Reinforce Door Security at Home

More than 1.4 million burglary cases are reported each year in the United States. This report is worrying and it is up to every individual to take the responsibility of ensuring that their doors are more secure. The following are tips on how to reinforce door security. Information about burglary can be found in this informational guide.

The first method you can use to reign force the doors of your house is to reinforce the strike plate. Some doors can easily be broken down because they have weak jamb. Therefore to rectify this problem, you need to check on the ways and methods to reinforce the strike plates. Strike plates are normally thin metal that fixes the door jamb with one-inch strike plate screw. The shallow piercing of the strike plate screw into the door frame makes the door weak and vulnerable. To correct the mistake, one inch strike plate screws should be replaced with long three-inch deck screws.This informational guide gives you more detail on how to reinforce strike plate.
The second way to reinforce your door is to reinforce the door frame. Strong door frame is the best way increase the security of your house apart from reinforcing the strike plates using strike screws. Living in fear that you home can be broken into any minute is the worst tormenting experience one can go through. Most of the door frames are one inch thick or less which makes them weak and vulnerable. To reinforce your frame, you need to add a metal frame that will help improve the strength of the door and prevent door slamming open by a mere kick. Click here for more of this informational guide about door frames.

One-sided deadbolt can be used to boost the security of the door. A deadbolt is a lock that uses the spring mechanism to lock and unlock the door. One-sided deadlock is only visible from the interior of the room, therefore, it becomes practically impossible to be picked or to be tampered with from the outside. Because of this feature, they are more convenient to be used on the front doors.This informational guide highlights different kinds of deadbolts.

Another way to improve your door security is to install a smart lock. Smart locks are used to lock and unlock deadbolt using the access codes without a key. It is almost impossible to tamper with this kind of lock. Smart locks are affordable and available in most hardware. The keypad is for keying the security code. Smart lock can store up to twenty-five different access code.

Door security can be boosted by installing doorbell camera on the door. Some of the features of doorbell camera includes; video capability and sending notification. It is possible to converse with another person on your door front using the speaker and the video camera. More information regarding doorbell camera is found in this informational guide.

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